Hi. I’m Paul M. Guyet.

I’m a professional on screen and voice actor living in New York City.

UPDATED: Two, new 2015 VO reels! Friendly, conversational and trustworthy and wry, rugged, strong and high energy! 

For the short version aka the “all thriller, no filler” version of this site, head to my tumblr.


“Just Super” is finally happening.

Just Super is a well written, funny superheroine story, and, this year, we’re filming the first season.
But we’re going to need your help.

Head to the Just Super IndieGogo page for more info, perks and to lend a hand.

The 2015 Radio Mercury Awards
The RMAs support and reward innovative, inspiring creative radio ads (my Target Everyday Collection “Tomato” spot won one back in 2012). For their call to entry this year, I helped Chief Judge, Jim Elliott (newly appointed Global CCO at Arnold Worldwide) explain what they never want to see in a radio ad. I’ve been dealing with the brand of shoddy copy that’s parodied in this video for over a decade now, and getting to lampoon it was a true joy. Here’s hoping we in the industry will see more original and interesting themes and ideas in 2015…or, you know, more conversational, friendly, not-announcery copy…whatever.
The Radio Mercury Awards take place in New York City on June 3rd.
Special thanks to Roger Becker of Just Voices for pointing the RMA folks in my direction.

Wallow in my Greatness
Here are my personal 2014 career highlights.

Season one of Dungeons & Dickery is WRAPPED.

Coming in 2015, I’ll be starring in a stop-motion/live action Dungeons & Dragons web series, entitled Dungeons & Dickery.
Here’s the trailer.
Stay tuned.

New York Comic Con 2014 – The Interviews



This year, I did press for Tofu Bandit Media and Stop Motion Dickery at New York Comic Con.
Here are the results.

American Dad! (Dee Bradley Baker and Rachael MacFarlane)

Rick and Morty (Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke)

The Heart, She Holler (Alyson Levy, John Lee, Judith Roberts and Scott Adsit)

Thrilling Adventure Hour (Mark Gagliardi, Marc Evan Jackson and Ben Blacker)

Interviews with cast and creators of Adventure Time, Robot Chicken and more coming soon.

SNY – “House of Fans”
My latest on screen commercial! One of four that feature me as a fan of hockey, which is a sport. Found out recently that this aired during the final game of the World Series…which is a televised sporting event.

Tomcat presents Dead Mouse Theatre
I’m the announcer (and old timey radio announcer) in the new, controversial Tomcat TV spots. TOO HOT FOR YOU!!!
Check out more of this dark and brilliant campaign from innovative ad folk Barton F. Graf 9000 here.

Jockey – “Supporting Greatness” TV spot
Buzz Aldrin punching space aliens, a perfectly sculpted package and me doing a vague Nick Offerman impression. All here, all for you.

New short film, “Spam”, SWEEPS THE 2014 24 HOUR FILM FESTIVAL!

Take It From A Fish dot com

I am now a talking fish. And I’m trying to help you lower your triglycerides.
Let me help you.

Luxaire / Make-A-Wish TV & radio spots
Despite the pun, this is a really sweet campagne.

They Might Be Giants – “Am I Awake?” music video
Selected as one of sixteen finalists in the They Might Be Giants “Am I Awake?” video contest and then awarded one of only two Honorable Mentions by Judge John Hodgman:

“HONORABLE MENTION: Paul Guyet, for the video I call ‘Paul and Evil Paul.’ …Paul’s ideas are great, and Paul himself is an amazing presence on film–just such a lovable sasquatch.”

Speakaboos presents ScrapKins “The Pirates Of Smelly Cove”!
A brand new story featuring me as Digger and Wrecks. Check it out here.

Philip Tucker’s CoffinCam
Phil Tucker’s horror novella is now a free, thirteen episode podcast narrated by me. Available on iTunes. Head over to the official site and give it a listen.

CoffinCam big with Paul
UNMAS (United Nations Mine Active Service) “Sweeper” project - At the end of February, I had the honor of working on what might be one of my first meaningful voice over project, that of the UNMAS “Sweeper” project, which debuted on the Day of International Mine Awareness (April 4th), at New York City’s New Museum. In a nutshell, it’s a program designed to help de-mine the planet of its over 110 million active mines, IEDs and unexploded ordnance. You can read a write up here and experience a part of the project by downloading the app and donating to the cause here.

LensCrafters Global “Eye Love” TV campaign - Hot off whatever the modern equivalent of “the presses” are. I enjoyed the simple beauty of the copy and I think I managed to bring it out. You can find out more info on the campaign and hear the other three spots I did here.

Our Bar - I am one of the newest members of Our Bar! Our Bar is a sketch group that performs the first Wednesday of every month at Failte Irish Whisky Bar in Manhattan. The next show will be on Wednesday, March 5th. For information, check out the official Our Bar website.

Speakaboos – The Speakaboos iPad app has officially launched! Updates occur every week or so with new stories and songs and whatnot, many of which feature me doing insane character voices. You can download the app here or check out the web site here. And here is my interview with Speakaboos’ executive content producer, Amy Kraft.

Zantac – Yes. I am, indeed, Captain Zantac, the little firefighter that helps to put out tummy fires. Apparently, you can see me in drug stores in the coming months. Here’s the first TV spot.

digressive_obscenity – My very own podcast, which won the Geekie Award for “Geekiest Guest Episode” and which was nominated for “Best Podcast” at the 1st Annual Geekie Awards (picture below). The first wave of episodes is up and I’m about halfway through my second wave. Here is the podcast’s web site and here is where you can subscribe.

Geekies Cropped

New York Stock Exchange - ”Stages” – So grown up. So business. Here’s a write up from Looks like I’m back in bed with Digitas!




“Just Super” – An online sitcom, created by Becca Kopec and Jesi Mullins, written by Alan Kistler and Mary Beth Walsh, shot by One Glass Video, and starring Becca Kopec, Jesi Mullins, Karen Bray, Allison Moody and ME! The trailer has been shot and should be available for deep analysis soon… 


MTV’s Guy Code - I will be reprising my role as “really tall guy” (which I originated back in 6th grade) in the fourth season of Guy Code, now airing on MTV2.



“The Everyday Collection” by Target - With the help of the award winning ad agency, mono, I have invaded the Great White North with my sexy, sexy voice talking all sexy on the radio! Listen to the sexy! Target Canada 1Target Canada 2. And here are the brand new spots (released at the start of September) that are currently airing on internet radio (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) and non-internet radio: Bertolli Tomato & Basil SauceCoke Zero, and Pop Tarts Gone Nutty.

Toyota “Sick Day” radio spot - I sure sound like I know what the hell paddle shifters are, don’t I? I also play the guy with bad breath in the right channel. Two words: Multi. Talented.

Suffolk’s Bravest First Responders Emergency Services (FRES) PSA – If you live on Long Island or…on the Suffolk’s Bravest web site, then you can now hear me promoting recruitment for volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMS personnel. Which is good. Check out the original artwork from Marvel Comics artist, Bong Dazo (Deadpool, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Avengers: The Initiative, Thunderbolts) and that thunderous score that will have people knocking over their televisions in order to rush out and become firefighters / EMS volunteers. And I helped.

Adam Rivera’s “Grey World” music video - Written and co-directed by myself and Phil Maniac of Tofu Bandits Media, this will be part of Rivera’s “multimedia love letter” to They Might Be Giants.

R&J Control - “Caught In The Dark” commercial - Created by the folks at Grey Sky Films and starring the delightful Sarah Coti and the slightly-less-delightful (yet very polite) me. And, no, that is not one of my machetes. Mine are bigger.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill – Do you like Italian food? I’ll bet you do, but not nearly as much as I enjoy talking about it on TV and the radio.

“Too Tall” – A short film, co-written and co-starring me. It was created for the 24 Hour Film Race and was selected as one of the top 20 films (out of over a hundred entrants). While the film itself is totally SFW…the themes therein will blow your mind with how horrifying and sexy they are. I’d say 92% horrifying, 8% sexy…with a 9% margin for error.

“The Electromagnetic Theater” – A “21st century radio drama” which has just wrapped up its first season. I’m featured in four of the six episodes, playing various roles. You can follow, like, subscribe to and download the podcast here. Two brand new stories (both featuring me) were exhibited at 2013′s Photoville, which took place at the end of September in Brooklyn.

“Unker & Physia” – My very first web series! Co-written and co-starring me as Unker. It has been referred to as “quirky”, “awesome” and “really awesome”. Mostly by me, but other folks seem to enjoy it as well; however, I insist that you judge for yourself how utterly, unbelievable awesome it is.

Unker & Physia: A Webseries

Unker & Physia: A Webseries




















There is also a whole bunch of other stuff from my dark and troubled and silken-voiced past on the “Voiceover” and “On Screen” pages. Take a look…if you dare!

I’m represented by Jaime Baker Management: (212) 262-4234